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Biarma Shipping

The Biarma Shipping operates at the port of Pozzallo since 1994, in quality of Shipping Agency, Forwarding Agents, having created for decades the basis for the commercial traffic of solid products and bulk cargoes, and the containers line from the port of Pozzallo to the 5 Continents.

The Biarma Shipping is a company that offers a wide range of dynamics of shipping agency, freight forwarder and logistics company that effectively integrates the tradition of proactive service with the latest technology available.

It is proposed thus always competitive in the shipping world, creating, inventing and exceeding the expectations of a constantly evolving sector, all for the benefit of our customers in order to achieve the objectives proposed, the creation of trade, the elevation to highest quality standards, reaching the status of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO).

Biarma Shipping Home Picture


The Biarma Shipping offers a complete service, both for cargo import and export through the forwarding of documentation, the organization of port company services and transportation to the main importers of wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, field beans, fertilizers, timber , aluminum, marble and granite, oil pipes, various goods in containers to and from the port of Pozzallo , whose service to the Ibleo port was invented by Biarma shipping.

The Biarma shipping has also a covered and uncovered customs warehouses for the storage of various types of goods. Our team of experts manages the issuance of all the necessary documents for customs clearance of import and export and actively controls the movement of goods belonging to our customers from the origin to the final destination.


The Biarma Shippingstrong> provides a full range of services for warehousing, logistics, transportation, and counseling for our clients, thanks to a team of qualified logistics and shipping professionals. We have the experience to advise, to plan and to execute shipments to and from any worldwide location, while ensuring the respect of our customers with the various regulations.

97016 Pozzallo Italia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0932/956611 0932/956221
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